"record labels are useless... do it yourslef"

So you made some secret recordings that have secret frequencies that make people want to give you money, sleep with you and treat you VIPPY-like? talk to me in 'COM' sharing your music project to be considered in this listing!


He likes to talk shit in 'COM' with me and zog and I found out he likes to write and make music. He has 1 tupac cover on his page that is a mellow rock and rap mix here at the DN.


C_Nile hails from Colorado, USA and does hiphop. His lyrics range from turmoil about life to chillin with his homies. Check out his SoundCloud! hint: "Life's A Bitch"


This hot little redhead does #ghettotech on her computer. What a great job she did of arranging this Sludge Soda and take a big sluuuuuuurp! Delicious!


This dude presents a whole new presentation of space and time on Internet Radio during his show called #intergalacticwasabimix. He's produced some unique "experiments" ranging from drama political satire to just plain good waveform caputures that remained un-affected by the observer. Whatever that's called in Physics.

Dec. 2, 2017 --